Chris Jackson

I Don't Often Blog, But When I Do It's Here…



Chris Jackson is the Chief Technologist for Rackspace EMEA. He has over a decade of IT experience in technical support, solution design, account management and web application development. In his current role, Chris drives technology strategy into Rackspace’s product and service offerings as well as working with customers to understand how their needs map to a increasingly complex marketplace of services. He has built and championed the creation of a DevOps Advisory service and is contributing to a global group responsible for understanding the evolution of managed services in an increasingly automated world.

Chris launched his Rackspace career seven years ago as a data centre technician after spending a year with Motorola as a system administrator. He earned a bachelor¹s degree in
computer science and e-business from Loughborough University in the UK, where he graduated with honours. Chris and his wife, Sally, live in Berkshire, with their 18-month-old son, George. When he¹s not in meetings, Chris can be found spending time with his family and catching up on sports.

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